A compliant model for financial professionals

Examine Property was born of a need for an ethical bolt-on property solution for financial professionals to entrust their clients to. Our methodology has been designed to protect both the Financial Professional and the Client. The relationship is purely based on a referral model and places no onus on the financial professional to sell or market property.

The financial professional is not expected nor advised to market or sell property to their clients. The financial professionals role is strictly to advise on the asset class of direct property in general and its suitability (if any) to the clients investment needs.

Our role as an added service is to find a property that suits the financial needs of the client and the accompanying advice you provide. This separation of roles is vital to ensure there is no conflict of interest and that the financial professional is not operating outside the scope of their authorisation.

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How we help your clients

  • Examine the 18 Year Property Cycle
  • Australian property market updates
  • Property portfolio reviews
  • Finding an investment property
  • Negotiating price & value inclusions
  • Updates throughout the purchase
  • Assisting the broker/banker
  • Sourcing the rental agent
  • Organising depreciation reports
  • Setting up property insurances
  • Post settlement support