When a property market is experiencing significant growth, it is difficult to find new properties at a similar price to an established property. In this market phase, the preferred option is to source a property through buyer’s advocacy.

Our initial meeting is to establish your needs and objectives. We work with you to determine which particular region has the drivers for superior capital growth. Our research methodology is well proven and second to none. All the facts and logic behind the targeting of specific locations are outlined and discussed with you.

After agreeing on suburbs to target, we then search for suitable properties within that location. The attributes of that property are summarised and after reporting back to you a short list, we will begin investigations and negotiations on your behalf to secure the property.

Once a suitable property is purchased, we assist you throughout the buying process to ensure a smooth and stress free transaction.


If you can purchase a new property for the price of a second hand one, why would you choose the older property?

You wouldn’t. In a market that is nearing the bottom or starting to recover, armed with the know-how and negotiating skills, it is possible to find these opportunities. New properties provide peace of mind with builder’s warranty, superior tax advantages and increased tenant demand which often correlates to higher rental returns.

Again, the new properties need to be priced comparatively to established properties. Remember, the bank approved valuers will perform a valuation on completion, comparing the property to similar second hand resales in the area.

Off the plan does come with many potential pitfalls. There are many stories of investors being fleeced by slick sales people into purchasing over-priced off the plan properties. Some simple steps we take to ensure you are not one of them are listed below.


Paying Fair Value

Researching the price of similar second hand resales in the suburb and surrounding suburbs. If we have not settled similar properties for our clients recently, we will order a conservative “as complete” valuation from a bank approved valuation company. This will be made available to you during the research phase.


Quality of structural build and finishes is not just important to appeal to a potential tenant or buyer on resale, but for the ongoing maintenance costs for the investor. Yes, they need to be pretty and appealing, but they also need to be built to a high standard of quality to minimise the potential of unwanted repair costs. Not just for your property, but for others in the strata scheme as well. We cannot emphasise enough how much selecting properties built by reputable builders will reduce your ongoing costs of holding property.


Not all floor plans and aspects are created equal! It is very difficult for the untrained eye to determine what a proposed property will look and function like on completion. Floor plan analysis is one of our strengths and analysing the suitability of the end product to the demographic is pivotal. You want the design to appeal to not just investors and tenants, but to owner occupiers who make up the most significant portion of property buyers. To maximise capital growth, you want your property to appeal to the maximum number of potential buyers.

Developer Credentials

Establish the quality levels and timely delivery of past projects, their suitability to the local market in terms of design and finishes, their reputation and financial stability to deliver on their contractual obligations.

Our Process


Financial professional completes our online referral form, summarising your financial goals and objectives. We then book in an initial appointment with you.

Initial Appointment

The first meeting is designed to introduce our services and educate you about the property cycle, our research methodology and the property buying process.

Property Review

After understanding your financial objectives, we will identify with you specific suburbs to target. This includes comprehensive research analysis on each option looking at the growth drivers and how the property matches the demographic profile of the suburb.

Property Selection

Your Property Expert will provide you with the analysis on the options along with the relevant cash flows, which are also forwarded to the financial professional for review. If for some reason the options selected are not fully suitable, we will search for other alternatives then arrange another meeting to review with you.

Expression of Interest

After selecting a suitable property, an Expression of Interest (EOI) is sent to the vendor so that the property is taken off the market and a contract is issued. At this point, a fully refundable holding deposit will be required.


Now is the time to meet with your solicitor to review and sign the contracts. If and when the contracts are signed, a 10% deposit is paid and shortly after, the property is deemed to have exchanged.


Settlement occurs 2-4 weeks after council registration for a property still in construction and 4-6 weeks after exchange for complete properties. Examine Property will co-ordinate all house keeping items including finance, insurance, inclusions, property management and pre-settlement inspections as required.

Ongoing Support

Ongoing education on all aspects of the Australian property market. Post-purchase support with regards to the property purchased and any other existing properties in your portfolio.
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