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On a personal level, last week I took a half day to finally invest in some personal development. It wasn’t around the property market, more on how to improve the way I operate my business and some self-development. A colleague of mine from my American Express days runs a business consulting firm called Nine Pillars. I have been wanting to attend their sessions but always used the excuse of a lack of time. Being time poor was not going to change unless I took some action, so along with one of my colleagues at Examine Property, we attended the Nine Pillars Quarterly Growth Day. No surprise, two of the “pillars” I diagnosed as needing attention the most was time and marketing. I learnt a great deal in half a day and taking the time out to assess where I needed to focus has already reaped benefits.

I would encourage business owners to find out more visit www.ninepillars.com.au/programs or call Anil or Loushen on 1300 818 214. The Nine Pillars Catalyst Growth Program is a new group offering which is extremely cost effective and one which I will be attending. For the accountants and financial planners, this would be valuable not just for your own business, but also as a solution for business clients.



Omar Moujalli

Author Omar Moujalli

B Bus. (Accounting), DFP, Cert IV Property Services, Licensee in Charge Omar Moujalli is the Director of Examine Property and responsible for the research division. He is a degree qualified accountant with a background in financial planning and has a passion for educating investors. A sought after event speaker and educator, Omar is happy to address any questions you have about a particular property or the market in general.

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