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An upgrade to Ferny Grove station has been submitted for government approval. As clients of Examine Property already know, economic and productivity gains MUST be captured back into land values. This is 18 Year Economic and Real Estate Cycle in action. Infrastructure spend is one example of this phenomenon in action. Studies show land in close proximity to new infrastructure will increase in value at a multiplier of about 4 times. If government and private enterprise invest $1B, land owners in close proximity to this infrastructure will see land values lift by $4B or more. We undertake a lot of due diligence to identify suburbs we believe have the right demographics and growth drivers to capitalise on the growth which comes with timing the areas place in the 18 Year Cycle. This is just one example of this process in action on a micro level. There are major projects both government and private already underway or getting started in Brisbane which will provide the macro level drivers now and into the future. Anyone can look at indicators of past performance when it comes to property. Predicting the future is what brings success in property investing. The knowledge base we have developed over 10 years is what gives our clients the edge.

To read further click on the following article: https://theurbandeveloper.com/articles/ferny-grove-station-redevelopment





Omar Moujalli

Author Omar Moujalli

B Bus. (Accounting), DFP, Cert IV Property Services, Licensee in Charge Omar Moujalli is the Director of Examine Property and responsible for the research division. He is a degree qualified accountant with a background in financial planning and has a passion for educating investors. A sought after event speaker and educator, Omar is happy to address any questions you have about a particular property or the market in general.

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